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Introducing the 2010 ITFAIS Racing Dodge Charger

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2010 ITFAIS Racing NASA Race Car

2010 ITFAIS Racing NASA Race Car

The 2010 ITFAIS Racing Dodge Charger Super Unlimited NASA racecar was released today and is ready for the first NASA race at New Jersey Motorsports Park on April 17.

There aren’t major changes for this first 2010 release.  The major change will come mid-season with the installation of a new Butler & MacMaster V8 power plant that will sport significant horsepower and torque improvements.

After the 2009 season, the car needed significant maintenance.  After 3 seasons of running, we decided to do a complete rebuild of the car.  The car was taken apart down to the tube chassis which was then stripped.  John Coy of Mach-1 Performance then made some chassis changes and the frame was inspected and magna-fluxed for defects.  It was then powder coated and the assembly started.

The car was built with all new or rebuilt parts — every bolt, nut, and major component was either replaced or completely rebuilt.  Along the way, some improvements were made:

  • 2010 Dodge Charger Body with better front aerodynamics and larger wheel well clearance
  • 70″ Grand-Am GT carbon fiber rear wing
  • Better front brake ducting / cooling
  • Interior refinements to eliminate weight and improve visibility

The major change will come in June and will debut at the July Pocono Long race.  The current 23 degree 358ci V8 motor will be replaced with an 18 degree 421ci all aluminum motor from Butler & MacMaster.  This motor will keep a small block form factor with the extra displacement created by a larger bore and stroke.  The aluminum package will further decrease front nose weight while the 18 degree design will increase power but maintain a 8000 RPM package for longer life and fewer rebuilds.  The design goal of the motor is to produce well over 700bhp with torque numbers in the high-600’s under 8000 RPM while removing 80 lbs of weight.

I can’t wait for the first event at NJMP to test the rebuilt car and start a new season!

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