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Hope for a fresh start with a new motor at Pocono

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421ci V8 SBC Dyno Sheet

The 2010 racing season has been rough.  We’ve had 4 DNS results in as many races.  After turning half a lap in practice before loading up and heading home at the New Jersey Motorsports Park event in May, we’re ready for a fresh start.

Some lessons were learned and some things have changed.  We know more about the pitfalls of rebuilding a previously reliable car.  We’ve added new steps to the pre-race checkout procedure to make sure the car is 100% ready to go at the shop.  We’ve also finally received and installed the new motor.

The custom Butler & MacMaster built 421ci V8 motor will make its debut at the NASA Northeast Pocono Grand Slam July 16-18.

This new 18 degree motor produces 700bhp from 6300 thru 7400 RPM and produces more then 590 lb/ft of torque down low due to its large displacement.  While the displacement increased, the motor is in the same SBC form factor as the other motors, and is 80lbs lighter due to its all aluminum construction.  The first 3 columns of the dyno sheet above tell the story.

The new motor hopefully will provide a new start to the season for us.

Lets hope so!  See everyone at Pocono next weekend!

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