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2013 Season Ends at NJMP

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The 2013 season came to an end at the NJMP Thunderbolt course with another DNF, this time due to a rear drive axle failing. The failure came with 3 laps to go in a race that we were leading. This was emblematic of a season that was dominated by a series of mechanical failures and DNF’s — at least none of them were engine related.

For 2014, the car will come back re-bodied as a Ford Mustang. The rest of car setup and package will be the same other than small updates. Most of all, the car will get a much needed end-to-end maintenance and rebuild. We haven’t done an end-to-end rebuild and full maintenance of the car in 2 years, due to all of the motor problems, and this was the main cause of the DNF’s. Over the course of the season, we progressively broke parts from the motor backward — 2 transmissions (July Pocono and August NJMP Lightning), 1 drive shaft yoke (WGI), and 1 drive axle (NJMP Thunderbolt).

We did set 3 track records/ personal best lap times in 2013, so when the car ran it was fast! We set the NASA Northeast track records at both NJMP tracks this year with a 1:04.632 at Lightning and a 1:20.627 at Thunderbolt. Also set personal best lap at Pocono Single Inflield at a 1:20.199.

See everyone next year!

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