About ITFAIS Racing

The Driver: Thomas Statnick

2009 NASA Northeast Drivers Champion!

2009 NASA Northeast Super Unlimited Class Champion!

I started performance driving in the early 1990’s and started attending weekend “arrive and drive” events in Formula Ford open wheel cars. After going through shifter karts and touring cars, I bought a purpose built tube chassis race car in 2006, and started racing it with NASA Northeast in 2007.

Today, I live and work in New York City as a technology manager for a large financial institution. I go to the track as often as I can in my custom built NASA Super Unlimited class car and race in the Super Unlimited class.

Some of my other interests include computers, electronics, science, art, and electronic music.

ITFAIS is an acronym, and is the name of the studio and record label that I used to co-own.

Personal Best Race/Qualify Laptimes

Thompson Speedway: 1:13.100 (2014)
Pocono North: 0:52.547 [Track Record] (2010)
Pocono Single Infield Long: 1:25.485 (2009)
Pocono Single Infield Long (reverse) : 1:20.199 [Track Record] (2013)
Pocono Double Infield Long: 1:30.680 [Track Record] (2011)
New Jersey Motorsports Park Lightning: 1:04.632 [Track Record] (2013)
New Jersey Motorsports Park Thunderbolt: 1:20.627 [Track Record] (2013)
New Jersey Motorsports Park Thunderbolt w/chicane: 1:25.714 [Track Record] (2012)
Watkins Glen: 1:54.296 (2014)
Mid-Ohio Club Course: 1:29.413 (2010)
Mid-Ohio Pro Course: 1:28.884 (2010)

The Car

The car was custom built to SCCA GT-1 specifications during the winter of 2006-2007 by Johnny Coy of Mach-1 Performance in New Jersey. It is based on a Port City tube chassis and is powered by a 421ci naturally aspirated dry-sump pushrod V8 producing around 700hp. It weighs about 2800 lbs including fuel and driver. Other features / parts on the car are:

  • Straight up Port City tube chassis with 105″ wheel base, 76″ front and 78″ rear tread width.
  • Howe Mustang GT-R Composite Body.
  • Butler & MacMaster built 18 degree 421ci Brodix aluminum dry-sump V8 aluminum race motor (8000 RPM) with BoLaws custom carb, MSD ignition, Dynatech headers.
  • Jericho RR-4 transmission with Quartermaster flywheel, bellhousing, and 3-disc clutch.
  • Kodiak FX 10-spoke 16″ wheels.
  • Hoosier 14″ front and rear radials. R75A Compound.
  • Penske 8100 shocks with Hyperco springs. 3-link rear suspension with watts link.
  • Alcon/Raybestos front and rear brakes. Tilton masters with bias control.
  • Joie of Seating custom made racing seat.
  • Winters Quickchange 10″ rear.
  • ATL fuel cell
  • Coldfire 3 nozzle fire suppression system.
  • Appleton power assist rack and pinion steering.
  • Spek/Auto Meter electronic gauges.
  • Front splitter and rear wing with interchangeable wickers.
  • Racecam HD in-car camera.
  • Computech KoolBox SP helmet cooler / blower
  • Motorola 16 channel 2-way radio.